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News: preCICE release v1.0.0 available since Nov 9, 2017

preCICE (Precise Code Interaction Coupling Environment) is a coupling library for partitioned multi-physics simulations, including, but not restricted to fluid-structure interaction and conjugate heat transfer simulations. Partitioned means that preCICE couples existing programs (solvers) capable of simulating a subpart of the complete physics involved in a simulation. This allows for the high flexibility that is needed to keep a decent time-to-solution for complex multi-physics scenarios.

The software offers methods for transient equation coupling, communication means, and data mapping schemes. Ready-to-use adapters for well-known commercial and open-source solvers, such as OpenFOAM, SU2, or CalculiX, are available. Adapters for in-house codes can be implemented and validated in only a few weeks.

preCICE is an open-source software under the LGPL3 license and available on GitHub.

Unique Features

In contrast to other coupling software, preCICE is prepared for the next generation of multi-physics simulations thanks to the following features:

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H.-J. Bungartz, F. Lindner, B. Gatzhammer, M. Mehl, K. Scheufele, A. Shukaev, and B. Uekermann: preCICE - A Fully Parallel Library for Multi-Physics Surface Coupling. Computers and Fluids, Elsevier, 141, 250–258, 2016. bibtex