Coupled Codes

There are various codes - free and proprietary ones - currently coupled with preCICE. If you want to add your code here, please let us know.

Ateles (APES) Compressible Flow and Acoustics in-house (Universit├Ąt Siegen) in-house adapter
Alya System Incompressible Flow and Structure in-house (Barcelona Supercomputing Center) in-house adapter
CalculiX Structure open-source official adapter
Carat++ Structure in-house (STATIK, Technical University of Munich) in-house adapter
Code_Aster Structure open-source official adapter
COMSOL Structure commercial official adapter
EFD Incompressible Flow open-source (SCCS, Technical University of Munich) built-in adapter
FASTEST Incompressible Flow in-house (TU Darmstadt) in-house adapter
FEAP Structure commercial in-house adapter at TU Darmstadt
Fluent Incompressible Flow commercial official adapter
foam-extend Compressible Flow, Incompressible Flow, and Structure open-source third-party adapter
OpenFOAM Conjugate heat transfer open-source official adapter
Peano Incompressible Flow in-house (SCCS, Technical University of Munich) in-house adapter
SU2 Compressible Flow open-source official adapter