Install preCICE on Linux (e.g. via a Debian package), and then couple two OpenFOAM solvers with the OpenFOAM-preCICE adapter.

Start here

  1. To get a feeling what preCICE does, watch a short presentation, a longer training session, or click through a tutorial in your browser.
  2. Get and install preCICE. For Linux systems, this is pretty easy. Just pick what suits you best on this overview page. Facing any problems? Ask for help.
    • For example, download and install our binary package for Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa) by clicking on it or using the following commands:
       sudo apt install ./libprecice2_2.1.1_focal.deb
  3. Build and couple two C++ solverdummies.
  4. You probably want to couple a solver you are already using, such as OpenFOAM. Since many of our tutorials use it, install OpenFOAM.
  5. Download and install the OpenFOAM-preCICE adapter.
  6. Couple OpenFOAM with OpenFOAM. This testcase is part of the OpenFOAM adapter.

What’s next?

To become a preCICE pro: