For some systems, preCICE is available in form of a pre-build package or a package recipe. This section lists systems and instructions on how to install these packages.


You can download version-specific Ubuntu (Debian) packages from each GitHub release. To install, simply open it in your software center.

Alternatively, download & install it from the command line. For Ubuntu 20.04 (focal):

sudo apt install ./libprecice2_2.2.0_focal.deb

We support the latest two Ubuntu LTS versions, as well as the latest normal Ubuntu release. Change focal to groovy for 20.10, or to bionic for 18.04.

Is a newer preCICE release out and we have not yet updated the above links? Please edit this page.

Arch Linux / Manjaro

We maintain a package in the Arch User Repository. Please have a look at the official AUR wiki page to find out how to install it.

Something else

For other systems you need to either use Spack or build from source.